Teaching Matters: A PsychSession Podcast

I’m doing a podcast! And I’ve been doing it for a while! My buddy Eric Landrum and I have a podcast: Teaching Matters (a PsychSessions podcast). In May of 2021, Eric and I started recording some of our conversations as a podcast we call Teaching Matters. This is nothing but a win/win for me: I get to talk with my friend Eric about ideas we’re passionate about. Eric does all the hard work: setting up the recording, adding introductions, editing breaks between episodes – all of it! All I have to do is talk with a friend about fun teaching/psychology stuff, and I probably would have been doing that anyway!

Here’s some background/context on the podcast:  If you read this blog and teach psychology, I hope you already know about the various PsychSessions podcast series started by Eric and Garth Neufeld. Our podcast, Teaching Matters, is part of this overall “PsychSessions” podcast series. Since 2017, Garth and Eric have been talking to psychology teachers and researchers about everything under the sun: their research, their teaching, their lives, and many, many other topics. Just take a look at the entire archive and keep scrolling down! I predict their work will be an important archive for future historians of psychology. For right now, it’s just a fascinating, valuable series of podcasts we can all listen to for free! 

I’m going to write here on my blog about some of the ideas Eric and I explore in our podcast series. I’m re-listening to some of them in order to identify some themes or “underlying” ideas in the conversations. Eric and I skip around (a lot!), but hopefully in a useful way for listeners. I will try to use some blog posts to focus on a few of the ideas we talk about often. If you listen to any of our podcast conversations, please comment here and let me know what you think!

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