“Live-blogging” – notes from the LSI Formative Assessment Conference

I’m a lucky fellow: I get to attend the 2019 LSI Formative Assessment Conference at the University of Maryland.

Some of my favorite researchers/educators/writers are speaking at the conference. D. Wiliam, S. Brookhart, and T. Guskey are excellent scholars and writers, and I think they consistently translate research into usable ideas for K-12 folks. I’m not as familiar with J. McTighe’s work yet (other than Understanding by Design), but I’m excited to learn from him.

I’d like to post more often to this blog, so I’m officially challenging myself to “live-blog” (almost) this conference: I’m going to post something to this blog every night based on what I learn at the conference. Hope it’s useful for someone out there, and wish me luck!

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