The Science of Learning in easy, bite-sized videos

It seems like there is a bit of a mini-explosion right now about cognitive psychology and teaching/learning. There are so many great resources that it’s kind of hard to keep up! Here’s a slide I’m trying to maintain with links to some of my favorites:

Cognitive Psych and Teaching/Learning Resources

BUT it’s possible (likely!) that most teachers and students don’t have a bunch of extra time to read these fantastic resources. Fortunately, there are two video resources that can provide a quick and useful introduction to many of the most useful concepts from cognitive psychology for teachers and students:

Steve Chew’s fantastic “How to Study” videos are popular for a good reason: Steve clearly and concisely explains how cognitive psychology concepts can help students study more effectively. Teachers can use these same concepts to make more effective lectures and lessons. Watch this series of 5 videos and you’ll know most of the most important concepts in the science of learning: How to Get the Most out of Studying

The good folks at Crash Course developed a similar set of videos, and they are great! The production values on the crash course videos are a lot higher than Dr. Chew’s, but both series provide a great introduction: Crash Course Study Skills: Memory

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